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Emanuele Oriani emaentra at
Tue Jun 7 16:40:07 CDT 2011

Hi Stefan/Matteo,

Thanks very much for the effort.
I'd like to contribute/help but I don't have a lot of time at the moment 
to patch and recompile.
If you have the saved somewhere I could try it with 
Starcraft II and let you know (at the moment I have wine-1.3.21 installed).


On 07/06/11 00:26, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> On Monday 06 June 2011 17:55:43 Stefan Dösinger wrote:
>> Feedback is welcome. I'm also interested in test results, e.g. if the
>> changes break a game, or the performance impact. If those patches cause a
>> 5% performance increase I am happy.
> Here are some results from my Radeon test machine: . It's
> about a 1% increase in the real Windows apps, much less than I hoped for. I'll
> test on Nvidia tomorrow, and manually test a few more (newer) apps for which I
> don't have PTS tests yet.
> For the curious, these are the URLs to my nightly trackers:
> Radeon 5750:
> Geforce 7600:
> Watch out for the result ordering. Basically the results are ordered from
> newest to oldest(left to right), but the Radeon test is a bit more confusing.
> orders it in the order I uploaded the results. The Nvidia
> box boots automatically, the Radeon box is booted manually. So I forgot about
> the radeon box a few days and tested the older Wine versions a few days later.
> This is something Michael Larabel and I still have to work on.
> Also the uptick in the Radeon tests is the test I ran with my performance
> patches applied. I forgot to change the result identifier, so picks it
> up like a normal nightly test.
> Note that the Unigine Heaven tests are using the opengl backend right now. The
> other tests are D3D-based.
> The source code for the d3d_clear, d3d_streamsrc and d3d_drawprim tests is
> available at (This is a git repo). I hope
> the server is stable finally.
> Stefan
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