TaskDialog implementation

Patrick Gauthier webmaster at korosoft.net
Thu Jun 9 02:00:28 CDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I'd like to port my re-implementation of task dialogs
(http://www.korosoft.net/projects/tdemu/) to WINE, actually I have
posted a small patch yesterday (merely rearranges some source around,
preparatory work) which sadly did not seem to get accepted.

I'm going to take my code and clean it to WINE's source code standards,
however I do not see how I could split it in many patches as everything
is dependant on everything else.

As this is quite a big amount of work, I would like to have some
guidance (what must I do to be sure it is accepted) so that I do not end
up doing all that for nothing - starting by knowing why my patch from
yesterday was not accepted (what did I do wrong).

Thanks for your time and help.

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