Ge (Greg) van Geldorp

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sat Jun 11 16:47:31 CDT 2011

On 6/11/11 6:18 AM, Scott Ritchie wrote:
> In tragic irony, I'm dealing with a father dying of very late stage
> cancer at the moment, so forgive me if I'm slow for a bit.
First, how sad to read this about your father.  Hopefully, he is 
receiving the best of care and is in little or no pain.
Second, thank you for taking over the testbot (or at least appearing to 
do so, my apologies if this is incorrect.)  It will take more than one 
person to fill Ge's shoes for providing the testbot system and for his 
actions to get our efforts recognized in the Virtual community.

Very respectfully,

James McKenzie

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