[PATCH 3/3] msi: Add an offset to sequence numbers belonging to files added by a patch.

Hans Leidekker hans at codeweavers.com
Thu Mar 10 03:02:14 CST 2011

On Thu, 2011-03-10 at 02:20 +0100, David Hedberg wrote:

> +static UINT msi_set_patch_offsets(MSIPACKAGE *package)
> +{
> +    static const WCHAR query_media[] = {
> +        'S','E','L','E','C','T',' ','*',' ','F','R','O','M',' ','M','e','d','i','a',' ',
> +        'W','H','E','R','E',' ','S','o','u','r','c','e',' ','I','S',' ','N','O','T',' ','N','U','L','L',0};

You should order the list by DiskId to protect against installers with
multiple sources for a given file sequence number. We do this elsewhere,
and although I'm not sure it matches native it will at least give
consistent behavior.

Also, MSDN tells me the Source column is ignored if the Cabinet column
is empty.

>  UINT msi_apply_patch_db( MSIPACKAGE *package, MSIDATABASE *patch_db, MSIPATCHINFO *patch )
>  {
>      UINT i, r = ERROR_SUCCESS;
> @@ -640,6 +796,7 @@ UINT msi_apply_patch_db( MSIPACKAGE *package, MSIDATABASE *patch_db, MSIPATCHINF
>          return r;
>      msi_set_media_source_prop( package );
> +    msi_set_patch_offsets( package );

There can be more than one transform in the patch that modifies the
Media table. It's unlikely, but it may mean that offsets need to be
applied after each transform that modifies the Media table instead of
after each patch.

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