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01.11.2011 21:12, Austin English wrote:
> Some patches: ...
> And discussions: ...

Austin, thanks for posting these links. I've seen patches by Andrew posted in
October, 2008 and the initial discussion that followed those postings to the
list when been doing my own search on the topic. These patches seemed to be a
little "hairy" to my personal taste and they need re-basing to the current Wine
codebase. On the other hand it wouldn't be too hard as XInput isn't a very
complicated API per se.

What I had missed when been doing the search on topic is a discussion from June,
2010 started by Roderick Colenbrander. IMHO the most interesting part from that
discussion are comments from Alexandre Julliard stating that input handling
should be done through X11.

X11 in general and XI2 in particular don't provide an easy way to detect if some
picked XI2 device is a mouse, a keyboard or a "game input device". Input devices
effects like "rumble/vibro" or "force feedback" are also unsupported in the
current XI2 implementation. XInput core protocol is defined in a way that it's
possible to extend it with required features. It is an enhancement request that
should be reported to Xorg team, exactly as Alexandre stated in another message
from that discussion thread.

I had done a quick search through Xorg bugzilla and was unable to find any
bug/ench. reports targeted at adding aforementioned features to the XI2/Xserver,
so I had filled a new bug report that is available here:

Getting back on topic, even if required bits of functionality would finally land
into Xorg/XI2, it wouldn't happen in a near future. On the other hand having
gamepads working with XInput-capable apps under Wine without (or with minimal
amount of) any special measures would be a cool feature that end-users would
like to have "right now" (I'm is an example of such "end-user" despite being
advanced enough to compile and get X360ce XInput-to-DI8 wrapper working under
Wine with my gamepad).

I would like to revive the discussion about the way XInput API might be
implemented in Wine "for now", so users would be able to use their gamepads
under Wine during the long wait until required bits of functionality would
finally land into X11/Xorg/XI2 (in case it would ever happen at all).

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