Tests failing on OSX

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Tue Sep 20 16:11:32 CDT 2011


I'm attempting to set up a OSX testbot and I'm currently trying to get as many 
tests to work as possible. The following is a list of tests that fail 
currently. I'm hoping for comments if anybody knows more about them:

(This is a 2006-era iMac, OSX 10.6, using the stock X server)

> dinput8/device.c
device.c:87: Test failed: We're not able to inject input into Windows dinput8 
with events
Fails sometimes, succeeds sometimes.

> gdi32/dc
> user32/monitor
No Xvidmode support, so Get/SetDeviceGammaRamp fail. There's a win_skip for 
that already. Should we change it to skip(), or ignore it until we have a 
quartz driver?
User32/monitor also fails because it can't change the display mode.

> kernel32/change
> ntdll/change
> ntdll/directory
Lots of test failures. I'm not sure what those tests do tbh

> ntdll/exception
"Test failed: Execution of data memory succeeded." Do I have to do anything 
special to enable NX support on OSX?

> mmdevapi/capture
Various Set*Volume calls fail

> tests/shlexec
Random failure: "shlexec.c:1023: test failed: Expected success (33), got 
failure (11), lpFile: C:\users\pts\Temp\wtb6bf.tmp\test file.shlexec"

> urlmon/url

> winmm/mci
Test failed: mci resume waited
Test failed: got 0001 instead of MCI_NOTIFY_xyz 0004 from command play 
(aborted by close)

> ddraw/visual
> d3d8/visual
> d3d9/visual
I'll investigate those. I bet they are GPU dependent.

> ws2_32/sock
A mixture of test failures and unexpected successes.

> ddraw/d3d
The window message test can't cope with the resolution change failure. I'll fix 
it. Using a virtual desktop works around the problem

> ddraw/dsurface
Crashes sometimes during cleanup in fbo-related GL calls.

> d3dx9_36/math
> d3dx9_36/texture
I just sent patches for those. There was an issue with NaN sign bits and some 
GPU limitations the tests didn't account for.
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