RFC: Highlighting Fall-throughs

Andrew Talbot Andrew.Talbot at talbotville.com
Thu Sep 22 17:19:46 CDT 2011

Alex Bradbury wrote:

> Marking fall through cases sounds reasonable on the face of it to me.
> I question the necessity of adding 'unaudited' comments though. I'd
> imagine lint or one of the more sophisticated static analysis tools
> could pretty easily give you a list of cases with fall-through without
> a comment marking it as intentional.
> Alex

I wondered if people seeing just a plain fall-through comment would assume
that it had been placed there by someone familiar with the code to indicate
that it was intentional and correct. Whereas, I may have placed it there not
necessarily knowing, or being able to discern, whether the programmer had
intended that behaviour or not. (Indeed, the absence of a comment in the
first place might be indicative of an oversight.) So I thought that marking
it as unverified in some way might be helpful.


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