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Kyle Auble randomidman48 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 25 19:39:43 CDT 2012

Sat, 25 Aug 2012 14:44, Oleg Yarigin wrote:
> When I edited pages in the WineHQ Wiki, I notised, its markup lankuage
> isn`t so good as MediaWiki`s one. How do you think about moving the Wiki
> into MediaWiki engine? Besides, moving each language section of the Wiki
> into separated subdomain (like in Wikipedia) would be a good idea too.

I've been working a lot on the wiki recently, and I actually brought up
something similar in this thread:
While I'm busy with other things right now, I wanted to discuss this in more
detail in the near future, particularly how it ties into possibly migrating the
entire site over to a CMS.

The Moinmoin syntax was new to me too, but after using it a little, I don't
mind it too much. There are definitely a few missing features and rough
edges compared to MediaWiki. However, and this is just my impression, I
think MediaWiki has really evolved to fit Wikipedia's needs. I'm not sure how
well it integrates (style-wise at least) if you don't run your entire site off of it,
and while I haven't actually looked at MediaWiki's code, I've heard that it can
be really tricky to setup, maintain, and reprogram.

There are some pluggable parsers for Moinmoin, and there may be one
that allows MediaWiki syntax. After going through and checking,
categorizing, and editing so many pages, I definitely agree with your
suggestion that each language be given a domain, instead of one flat
namespace. Then maybe just add a single common "translation" menu to
the side toolbar?

I've come to the opinion that we should probably stick with Moinmoin, and
migrate to a new engine other than MediaWiki only if there are strong
reasons. What might be best is if we actually got in touch with some of the
Moinmoin developers and put in some feature requests. Helping with the
wiki's engine is on my list so I'd like to hear some more opinions.


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