Unused msvcp100 functions?

Piotr Caban piotr at codeweavers.com
Mon Aug 27 03:50:19 CDT 2012

On 08/27/12 02:02, Francois Gouget wrote:
> There are a lot of msvcp100 functions that look like they are unused:
>   * In string.c all of the MSVCP__String_base_*(),
>     MSVCP_basic_string_*(), MSVCP_basic_string_wchar_*() and
>     MSVCP_char_traits_*() functions,
>     basic_string_w?char_replace_helper().
>   * In locale.c _Locinfo__Locinfo_ctor_bstr(),
>     codecvt_{short,wchar}__Id_func(), collate_{char,short}__Getcat(),
>     various ctype_*() functions, etc.
>   * In ios.c, the basic_istream_*() and basic_ostream_*() functions,
>     ios_base_Index_func() and ios_base_Sync_func().
>   * In math.c a lot of std_Ctraits_{double,float,long}_*() functions.
> Is it just that the spec file needs to catch up or that they will be
> used soon?
All of this functions are probably not going to be used. I was not 
removing them to make syncing between msvcp90 and msvcp100 easier. 
Currently files in these dlls are almost identical.

Feel free to remove unused functions.

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