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Kyle Auble randomidman48 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 28 10:50:19 CDT 2012

Tues, Aug 28, 2012 4:47 AM, Oleg Yarigin wrote:
> Now I wait an answer from Dimi Paun.
> Well, in addition, how do you think, is any necessarity there to move
> wine site and wiki from Apache to Cherokee?

While I think it's good to keep alternatives in mind as new technology
comes out, I wouldn't want to switch the actual http server out until
it starts having noticeable problems, or in the distant future once
higher priorities have been taken care of.

For me, WineHQ itself seems to be really fast, and as we were
discussing earlier in the thread, the wiki is hosted at Lattica, which
may not have the same hardware resources or bandwidth of WineHQ.

If you're mainly noticing problems with the wiki, that may also be
that we're using an outdated version of moinmoin. Cheer Xiao was saying
that Moinmoin 2.0 will allow Mediawiki syntax so I'd recommend
upgrading Moinmoin, then converting the pages to Mediawiki syntax.

I've never run a real Apache server myself (just played with it on my
computer), but while it can be a pain to set up, it is battle-tested.
Since the site admins would have to do all the dirty work, I feel like
this should be their call in the end.

However, I believe all the content on WineHQ & the wiki are under the
LGPL so if you really wanted to, I'd think you could try testing a
mirror of the site as a proof of concept, running Cherokee on your own
computer. If you can show the advantages outweigh the trouble of
switching over, the site admins would probably be more willing to
consider it.

Rather than switching out the http server, I think there is some
interest in moving WineHQ over to a web-framework/CMS. I wanted to
handle the wiki first, but afterwards if there's still demand for it,
I'd like to try helping make the jump to a CMS.


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