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Oleg Yarigin dralife at yandex.ru
Tue Aug 28 12:19:04 CDT 2012

28.08.2012 19:50, Kyle Auble пишет

 > If you're mainly noticing problems with the wiki, that may also be
 > that we're using an outdated version of moinmoin. Cheer Xiao was saying
 > that Moinmoin 2.0 will allow Mediawiki syntax so I'd recommend
 > upgrading Moinmoin, then converting the pages to Mediawiki syntax.
Well, let`s try.
> However, I believe all the content on WineHQ & the wiki are under the
> LGPL so if you really wanted to, I'd think you could try testing a
> mirror of the site as a proof of concept, running Cherokee on your own
> computer.
Well, that`t a good idea to run Wikimedia version at my computer. In 
addition, I will be able make all configuration properly.

I will write there, when I buy a static address at my provider and get a 
domain name, OK?

> Rather than switching out the http server, I think there is some
> interest in moving WineHQ over to a web-framework/CMS.
Thank you!I got an idea to create CMS-based WineHQ site mirror on my 
computer too.



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