winealsa.drv patch to enum all software devices from .asoundrc

Нискородов Серёжа sghpunk at
Fri Feb 10 09:09:05 CST 2012

> There's no $HOME/.asoundrc on any of my systems, yet I'd like to
> use "plug:dmix" with Wine, e.g. on systems with PulseAudio installed.
> I can use speaker-test -Dplug:dmix with no trouble.
> Will your patch make that appear in the list?

The devices that I can add to the list can be seen in output of "aplay
-L". But I did not add devices with a colon in the title, because most
of them are useless without extra "plug:" wrapper. I can add a wrapper
"plug:" in front of them, but I think it's wrong.
To be able to use your plug:dmix you can create .asoundrc, that contain:
pcm.dmixed {
  type plug
  slave {
    pcm "dmix"
Or something like this. And then you will see your device enumerated.

> Avoiding snd_pcm_open is important. Right now, we already have
> tests that fail randomly because unfriendly devices like PulseAudio cling
> to the underlying resource ("hw:0") for a couple of seconds, preventing
> Wine from inspecting it (bug #28048), causing Wine IIRC to eliminate "hw:0"
> from the list of available devices.  :-(  That is not satisfying at all.
> Perhaps one easy shoot at it would be to access "default" last?
> That's still much like crossing fingers.

Seems like it is PulseAudio trouble much more than WINE or ALSA... In
any case I don't like PulseAudio, and I don't use it.

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