also installs mono

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at
Tue Jun 5 09:44:23 CDT 2012

> If it is NOT a linux native interface, it is NOT an analog of 'mono'.

Mono is available on many platforms, including Windows. What we have
is a fork/package of Mono that is built for Windows and only used by
Wine's internals. If Mono is "contaminated" then our package is just
as much so.

On Windows, mscoree.dll is the interface that programs use to access
the .NET runtime. However, the .NET runtimes are separate; mscoree is
only the interface to them. We have an implementation of mscoree.dll
in Wine, and our implementation uses Mono (which is in the wine-mono
package) as its .NET runtime. The interface that mscoree uses to
access Mono is the Mono embedding API. While the package also contains
some other things that are specific to .NET, the core of it is Mono.

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