Disabling joysticks with registry keys and joy.cpl

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Mon Jun 18 21:04:36 CDT 2012

On 06/18/2012 12:07 PM, Lucas Zawacki wrote:
> The bottom line is: can I add platform dependent code in joy.cpl for
> this purpose? If that's not an option, do you have some other way to
> do through joy.cpl or should it be registry only?
If you use generated device GUIDs that won't be as "platform dependent" but 
at the same time will uniquely identify which joystick you want to disable. 
If you worry about devices moving around and getting different IDs - then 
use part of GUID to identify driver and add device name to identify the 

The most common use case is to have only one joystick via best working 
driver. Instead of 2 joysticks representing the same exact device. This 
means "all" would almost never be used.

Another feature could be defining the order of enumeration without disabling 
any joysticks. In a sense creating a default device. This is an extra bonus 
and can be accomplished by disabling unwanted devices. So it's more of "nice 
to have" category.


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