[Programs] Notepad: sync with ReactOS notepad (2)

carlo.bramix at libero.it carlo.bramix at libero.it
Mon May 7 03:14:33 CDT 2012

Hello friends,

>> Because you do seriously believe that ReactOS developers reversed the
>> Windows notepad?! Along with Solitaire & calculator, I suppose?
>> Common sense is a powerful tool, let's make use of it :-).
>It's a matter of trust. If a person is known to use illegal practices
>to write ReactOS code then even adding one line of code to notepad
>makes her/his contribution dangerous for the entity accepting that code.
>> For the record, ReactOS as well disallows any person who has seen the
>> Microsoft Windows code to comment, contribute, commit to the project.
>That's just a blanket statement, nothing more. It's hard to believe
>to it if the person(s) publicly accused in using leaked code still
>commit to ReactOS without any limitation.

as I already wrote, I totally agree.
Please reject the patches.


Carlo Bramini.

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