Re: winetricks & DLL overrides

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Mon May 21 23:33:07 CDT 2012

Od: "Dan Kegel" <dank at>

> I'm not sure keying off the list in winecfg is the
> right thing to do;
> I'd rather use the list of all wine dlls. 
> (dbghelp, for instance, should
> still be in the list, I think.)

Many thanks, i use that since the release. But i noticed that
winecfg is messed by "DLLs" like Makefile, some .a library etc. It
probably doesn't hurt anything. Maybe generate the DLL list based
only on folders (not folders + "root" files)?

> Starting from a clean wineprefix should keep you
> from having multiple
> entries.  Does it?
> That should be fine for the intended audience.

Yes. That double listed DLLs in winecfg (with asterix + without
asterix) come from manually setting the DLL in winecfg and after
that running winetricks setting all the dll to builtin. Unfortunatly
the non-asterix verision wins, because the entries are latter in the
list. So winetricks may not do what one could except (all builtin).
I'm aware of that now, so again it doesn't hurt me.

> I've updated winetricks (r813) to add all missing dlls and

Thanks again for that.

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