Building winetest-latest.exe?

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Wed Sep 5 04:29:11 CDT 2012

On Tue, 4 Sep 2012, Dan Kegel wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 3:18 PM, Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:
> >> (But as it turns out, the code I needed to fix was in buildbot,
> >> not winetest.)
> >
> > Maybe the WineTestBot code needs a similar fix?
> > In testbot/src/TestLauncher/TestLauncher.c?
> Yeah, um, ^buildbot^testbot
> I have a patch at
> for your review.

Sorry about that. I forgot about you other email when replying to this 
one. From the bug report (so others may comment):

You're calling the functions directly instead of using the function 
pointers. Also it might be worth splitting the patch in two parts: one 
to introduce the 'goto done' which I feel is worth it on its own and the 
other for the activation context stuff. But then others might say this 
is overkill.

Otherwise I can't test the patch right now but it looks good.

Francois Gouget <fgouget at>, 

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