user32/tests: Add test for SetFocus() (with few todo)(Try 2).

Sergey Guralnik serhio at
Mon Sep 17 03:06:07 CDT 2012

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> Sergey Guralnik <serhio at> writes:
>> I've sent next patch more than month ago, and have no comments about
>> it.
>> From 57adc6991431cd765dcdb97082263db834e4b533 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 
>> 2001
>> From: Sergey Guralnik <serhio at>
>> Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 17:12:56 +0400
>> Subject: user32/tests: Add test for SetFocus() (with few todo)(Try 
>> 2).
>> Is anything wrong with this one?
> That's mostly testing the window manager focus policy, I don't think
> that makes sense. What are you trying to demonstrate with this?

I try to show that some applications rely on finishing all side focus
switching, which are result of call to some window management function,
before this function returns.
For example my app hopes that result of call to SetFocus() will not be
distorted in message loop due call to DestroyWindow(), that made before
call to SetFocus().
Is my explanation clear enough?


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