Debugging and steam

Gediminas Jakutis gediminas at
Sun Feb 10 18:55:31 CST 2013

Good day!

Does anyone has any experience on dealing with Steam when debugging a
game which depends on Steam?
I am trying to squash a bug which makes a game crash. I started from
relay logs, but have a bit of a problem - calls from Steam itself
produce a few megabytes worth of relay logs every second. Those get
mixed together with calls originating from the game. Also, it appears
the game takes a couple of seconds after that "bad" call before
crashing. When it is mixed together with Steam's own spam, it is a
nightmare finding where it went wrong.
I tried every idea I could muster on how to get a "pure" log of the
game. Not a single one turned out to be effective.
I am all out of ideas now. So if anyone had to deal with this and
found a satisfactory solution, please enlighten me.
Thank You in advance!

Gediminas Jakutis
LDK Varčiai

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