RFC: Remove auto-scan of ALSA devices from winealsa.drv (and get repeatable behaviour)

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Tue Jan 22 10:25:49 CST 2013

On Tue, 22 Jan 2013, Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at t-systems.com wrote:
> We see 3 types of results
> 2x: 2 devices, no ALSA "default" device(!), one HDA-An, one HDA-HDMI
> 1x: 3 devices incl. ALSA "default", all tests successful
> 1x: 3 devices incl. ALSA "default", dev. 1 HDA-An yields MMSYSERR_ALLOCATED
> Is their configuration truly the same?
> Is that yet another aretefact of ALSA device enumeration?  It could well be.

As far as hardware-level and configuration yes. The tests are run in 
sequence with just a wipe of ~/.wine in between them.

It looks like I don't have the 32-bit libasound2-plugins package 
installed (nothing indicates that it might be needed at compile time or 
at run time). Could that be the source of the 2 vs. 3 devices 

libasound2:amd64                      1.0.25-4
libasound2:i386                       1.0.25-4
libasound2-dev:amd64                  1.0.25-4
libasound2-dev:i386                   1.0.25-4
libasound2-plugins:amd64              1.0.25-2

I have no idea as to the cause of the MMSYSERR_ALLOCATED error. All I 
can say is I did not touch the laptop while it was running the tests. 
Looking at the history it also happened to the 32-bit tests on my 
desktop (so it's not 64-bit specific) and appears to be quite random.

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