Main sources of Wine complexity

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Jun 10 10:42:39 CDT 2013

>I need to port fairly large WinAPI-heavy application to Linux. After some
>googling it becomes clear that there's nothing except for Wine/Winelib
>which is *huge*. However for at least most basic WinAPI functions it looks
>fairly easy to just re-implement it via Boost/STL/libc/Linux syscalls. Why
>there's nothing small like this already?
>... we need to either re-implement around
>200 WinAPI functions (mostly events, mutexes, semaphore, sockets, file and
>folder operations) or to rewrite the entire thing from scratch. Using
>Winelib directly is not an option due to the nature of the app.

I think there have been several such compatibility layers. for instance.
Wine's the only one that has really tried tor run everything.

Why can't you just bundle wine?
- Dan

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