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Yaron Shahrabani sh.yaron at
Sun Jun 16 00:37:18 CDT 2013

Hey Francois, sorry for trolling but I guess this is the time to revisit
our stand regarding web translation platform (because I suspect it might be
the cause for the lack of participation).

What do you guys think?

Yaron Shahrabani

<Hebrew translator>

On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 3:26 AM, Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:

> With the advent of PO files, Wine went from 12 good translations in the
> pre-1.4 days to 20 now. What's even more encouraging is that there are
> an extra 6 translations that are already half done. So can we reach 26
> translations in time for Wine 1.6? More?
> So I'm calling on all translators of good will to review, refresh,
> complete or even start new Wine translations. You will find instructions
> to get started there:
> And just as for Wine 1.4 you can track the translations status here:
> This site also collects reports about potential translation issues:
>  * Mismatched printf format specifiers. (Note that these can cause Wine
>    crashes!)
>  * Mismatched trailing ellipsis.
>  * Other mismatched trailing punctuation like full stop, question mark,
>    space, etc.
>  * Mismatched line feeds, trailing or not.
>  * Spaces followed by line feeds.
>  * Untranslated strings.
> Obviously some of these result in false positives. For instance
> 'Document' is written exactly the same in English and in French so to
> the script it will look like it was not translated. If you send me the
> corresponding error lines I'll make sure they are ignored by putting
> them in an 'ignore' file. This way the next translator looking things
> over won't have to skip over all these false positives.
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> Francois Gouget <fgouget at>    
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>             Practice is where everything works but nobody knows why.
>       Sometimes they go hand in hand: nothing works and nobody knows why.
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