talking about web-based translation again -- transifex

qing xianhao qingxianhao at
Thu Jun 20 02:19:55 CDT 2013

hi all,

firstly, i didn't use launchpad so much, but i used transifex for
a mouths help to translate several opensource projects including the
transifex itself. i found it can answer these needs as commented

Quoted from
> Launchpad tracks who translated what string and if we choose the 
> 'Closed' permissions model only approved translators can update the 
> translations. So that means we should be able to get patches with 
> full attribution.
transifex has coordinator and translator roles division. coordinator
could review the translation[1].

> Launchpad would need to pull updated PO files from Wine regularly. 
> Ideally that would be automatic and happen daily (both to account 
> for translations happening outside Launchpad and to take changes in 
> the resource files into account quickly).
transifex has option to pull form outside, and the frequency is about

> Conversely Launchpad should submit patches back to Wine. Ideally that 
> would be automated as much as possible but I'm fuzzy on the details 
> here (especially on how to preserve attribution). As for the 
> periodicity, maybe the best would be weekly or just before Alexandre 
> makes a release.
the transifex has command line client[3] to pull the translation
changes. if a unix guy got the command line tool, what could he do. ;)

>trace every Wine commit to a specific person
transifex itself is open source project that can be self-hosted[4].
xfce team is hosting their own with it, every the commit was tracked
and can view the diff easyly.

[4] community edition installation
[3] transifex client
[2] How often are the stats auto-updated
[1] coordinator review


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