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Aric Stewart aric at
Fri Jun 21 13:22:05 CDT 2013


Thank you for the information here.  I went back to look over transifex to try to understand why i had it on my list of services that would not work.

The issue with the community is that WINE's policies require that all contributors are identified by their full name. No aliases or handles. So translators who translate wine would need to provide their full name, and right now there is not a translation community that has this requirement, that I am aware of.

Hosting our own community would allow us to enforce that.

However with transifex the problem was begin able to generate the po patches from their database.  Since all the translation changes will have to eventually turn into patches against the PO files that are submitted to wine-patches we needed a facility to generate that patch set based on translator.  Transifex provided no facility to be able to do that.

Weblate looks promising but i need a place to be able to setup a test environment to really understand it and Jeremy Newman has been out all week. 


On 6/20/13 2:19 AM, qing xianhao wrote:
> hi all,
> firstly, i didn't use launchpad so much, but i used transifex for
> a mouths help to translate several opensource projects including the
> transifex itself. i found it can answer these needs as commented
> following.
> Quoted from
>> Launchpad tracks who translated what string and if we choose the
>> 'Closed' permissions model only approved translators can update the
>> translations. So that means we should be able to get patches with
>> full attribution.
> transifex has coordinator and translator roles division. coordinator
> could review the translation[1].
>> Launchpad would need to pull updated PO files from Wine regularly.
>> Ideally that would be automatic and happen daily (both to account
>> for translations happening outside Launchpad and to take changes in
>> the resource files into account quickly).
> transifex has option to pull form outside, and the frequency is about
> daily[2].
>> Conversely Launchpad should submit patches back to Wine. Ideally that
>> would be automated as much as possible but I'm fuzzy on the details
>> here (especially on how to preserve attribution). As for the
>> periodicity, maybe the best would be weekly or just before Alexandre
>> makes a release.
> the transifex has command line client[3] to pull the translation
> changes. if a unix guy got the command line tool, what could he do. ;)
> Quoted
> from
>> trace every Wine commit to a specific person
> transifex itself is open source project that can be self-hosted[4].
> xfce team is hosting their own with it, every the commit was tracked
> and can view the diff easyly.
> [4] community edition installation
> [3] transifex client
> [2] How often are the stats auto-updated
> [1] coordinator review

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