Updating WineWiki Theme?

Kyle Auble randomidman48 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 14 14:58:34 CDT 2013

Hi everybody,

Although my hiatus was longer than expected, I've been making progress
with updating the wiki code over the past few days (spring break is a
very good thing).

My workflow is a bit non-linear so I want to sort my changes into
patches first, but fingers-crossed, I'll be pushing them to my
Bitbucket account by the weekend.

I did want to ask for input on a few things:
1. Should we just keep Moinmoin's search, replace it with the custom
  Google search, or offer both?
2. How about the icon? I can get the standard WineHQ one to display
  fine, but I'm not sure about which approach to take. Essentially, do
  what's simplest for us, or should I make it play well with other
  themes too?
3. Finally, the credits are currently just text links. In the future
  though, if Dimi wanted to, we could have a "sponsored by Lattica"
  banner like the Codeweavers ones on the other pages.

After I get the theme together & test it some more on different
browsers, I can look into migrating the data to the newest Moinmoin


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