wined3d: add NVidia GeForce 315M

Daniel Jeliński djelinski1 at
Mon Mar 18 07:40:05 CDT 2013

2013/3/18, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at>:
> *) The upcoming GLX_MESA_query_renderer extension will provide a good way to
> query this info. If this extension will be adopted by the binary drivers is
> an open question.
> *) The log would be an extremely ugly way to read this info. The log
> is at an unknown place, might be readable only by root or might not exist at
> all. There format of the log messages might change.
> *) There are vendor specific X11, GLX and GL extensions to query some GPU
> info
> *) Wined3d should not deal with GLX_MESA_query_renderer or any other X11
> specific things. This should be handled by winex11.drv.

Thanks for indulging my curiosity.
I thought that if Xorg.log contains the card name, it implies that X
server knows the name and can share it. Seems that I was wrong.

>>             {"GT 320M",     CARD_NVIDIA_GEFORCE_GT320M},    /* Geforce 300
>> - midend mobile */
>> +            {"315M",        CARD_NVIDIA_GEFORCE_315M},      /* Geforce
>> 300 - midend mobile */
>>              {"320M",        CARD_NVIDIA_GEFORCE_320M},      /* Geforce
>> 300 - midend mobile */
> Afaics this table is sorted in descending order, for consistency you should
> swap the 315M and 320M

The order here is quite weird, but now that you mention it, cards with
the same comment actually are sorted. I'll send an updated patch.

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