Wine development questions

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at
Tue Jul 8 10:08:00 CDT 2014

> Implementing the correct behaviour is not the best choice if the rest of the
> structure suffers functional regressions due to it by not being prepared. I
> know the 1.7.x versions are development releases but if something is not
> done its go into the stable release.

My understanding is that Ken's work also fixed real applications, and
therefore reverting it would also create regressions. At least when we
take the correct approach, the bugs can be fixed without introducing
new ones.

We shouldn't be making stable releases when a feature like WGL is in
the middle of major work.

> This bug and the latter fix.

If it's the patch adding DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH to CreateSemaphoreExW,
that's already in wine and has been since 1.5.28.

"Patch which disables optimization for CreateEventExW" would be
rejected in seconds. It looks like something that only works by

It seems Anastasius Focht figured out what was really going on and
wrote this comment:
. So it just needs someone to write the patch and maybe add a test.

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