how to use ced1401 linux driver from wine application ?

Alois Schlögl alois.schloegl at
Sat Mar 29 17:05:33 CDT 2014


I'm trying to connect through wine the CED1401 device which is connected 
through USB. There is a driver in the linux staging tree, 
(linux-source-3.10/drivers/staging/ced1401/), which I've already 
compiled into my kernel. The module loads fine and becomes available 
when connecting to the device.

The are several application software for Windows (e.g. ced1401 [1], 
Spike [2], Signal5, and we have also one running in Igor Pro).
The software runs also on Wine, but fails to identify the connected 
hardware device.

I've tried to find relevant information in the wiki; and especially, as well as
wine developer guide, Chapter 8 Kernel modules. I've a rough idea what 
is missing, but would like asking what you think is missing, and how 
much effort it would take to get this working ?



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