Can I play with the Notepad code?

Susan Cragin susancragin at
Thu May 8 15:54:07 CDT 2014

Hi. I want to make Notepad remember which encoding scheme you last used. 
Right now it defaults to ANSI Latin when opening a new file, and saves it that way too, unless you are careful. 

And, if I can, I want to make the following changes:
(1) use ALT-Windows-key to move lines up and down. 
(2) use CTL-Windows-key to move paragraphs up and down. 

Lines and paragraphs are defined as follows:

So this is a line of text. 
And this is line 2 of text. 
And this is line three of text. 
But they are all part of Paragraph 1.

Paragraph 2 starts after a blank line is inserted. 
Sort of like Emacs. 

I've found the source code. I'm looking at where to put things. 
I can do it in lisp, and I've got help for C.

Can I can I can I? It's going to take me a while, so don't hold your collective breath. 


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