wined3d: Fix trace output of emulated_textureram.

Johannes Brandstätter jbrandst at
Mon Sep 1 06:52:52 CDT 2014

On 01/09/14 12:54, Henri Verbeet wrote:
> On 31 August 2014 21:40, Johannes Brandstätter <jbrandst at> wrote:
>>                  wined3d_settings.emulated_textureram =
>> TmpVideoMemorySize *1024*1024;
> It looks like your MUA wrapped the patch, I'd recommend using git
> send-email for sending patches.
Thanks for pointing that out, I will look into it.
Should I resend the patch afterwards?

>> -                TRACE("Use %iMB = %d byte for emulated_textureram\n",
>> +                TRACE("Use %iMB = %u byte for emulated_textureram\n",
>>                          TmpVideoMemorySize,
>>                          wined3d_settings.emulated_textureram);
> This change is ok, but note that for large values you'd want
> "emulated_textureram" to be a UINT64. Currently it's going to wrap to
> 0 at 4 GiB.
I did not know that, was just relying on the existing types. But this
raises the question if we want to change it, as 4GiB hardware is already
here right?

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