Any interest for SOE Landmark?

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Tue Feb 3 08:03:50 CST 2015


Question to the Wine developer community will follow.
But first some background info:
I bought in to the EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha just cus I wanted to
support it.
Did not expect it to run at all under Wine until long after official launch.
But to my surprise the game ran just fine when it was in Alpha.
(Videos of me running it can be found on Youtube under the Channel "Let's
Play on Linux")

After the game went in to closed beta I could only run the game on Low
graphical settings.
And after an update to the game late summer of 2014 I can not get in to the
world at all.
(See bug: )

The scroll wheel on my mouse would not work at all in game, but that's
something I learned to live with. (See bug: )

Now to the question!
I realize that it must be very hard to try to solve a problem that occurs
in a software one might not have. Landmark is still closed beta, so one
needs to pay to get access.

Now, I really love Landmark. So I wonder is there any Wine developer that
has any interest in trying to solve the problems with running it in Wine,
IF you had Free (as in beer) access to it?

If someone actually have an interest in the game, but doesn't want to buy
in to the closed beta.
I would consider gifting you a Closed Beta access.

I'm not rich, so can't do this for many people. But one or two that find
the game interesting I could do.

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