Any interest for SOE Landmark?

David Quintana (gigaherz) gigaherz at
Tue Feb 3 08:56:05 CST 2015

Note that Sony jsut recently sold off the SOE studios to Columbus Nova.
It's now called "Daybreak Game Company". With that name, I have to wonder
the future of EverQuest Next and Landmark.

On 3 February 2015 at 15:03, Joni Larsen-Haikarainen <jonilh at>

> Hi
> Question to the Wine developer community will follow.
> But first some background info:
> I bought in to the EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha just cus I wanted to
> support it.
> Did not expect it to run at all under Wine until long after official
> launch.
> But to my surprise the game ran just fine when it was in Alpha.
> (Videos of me running it can be found on Youtube under the Channel "Let's
> Play on Linux")
> After the game went in to closed beta I could only run the game on Low
> graphical settings.
> And after an update to the game late summer of 2014 I can not get in to
> the world at all.
> (See bug: )
> The scroll wheel on my mouse would not work at all in game, but that's
> something I learned to live with. (See bug:
> )
> Now to the question!
> I realize that it must be very hard to try to solve a problem that occurs
> in a software one might not have. Landmark is still closed beta, so one
> needs to pay to get access.
> Now, I really love Landmark. So I wonder is there any Wine developer that
> has any interest in trying to solve the problems with running it in Wine,
> IF you had Free (as in beer) access to it?
> If someone actually have an interest in the game, but doesn't want to buy
> in to the closed beta.
> I would consider gifting you a Closed Beta access.
> I'm not rich, so can't do this for many people. But one or two that find
> the game interesting I could do.
> Regards.
> Joni
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