Directx 11.2 idl's created

Martell Malone martellmalone at
Tue Feb 3 12:44:36 CST 2015

Apologies for the spam.
This will be my last one

Just like the dxgi 1.3 idl I added all the missing functions structs etc
from the dxgi 1.2.
I also reformatted it to have the same structure and naming as dxgi.idl for
existing code.

So this along with the other patches completes all functions and structs
needed for dx11 through dx11.2.

Again I'm sorry if this all seems sloppy and I didn't name them 1-5 as
I wasn't expecting to have to add more.

Kind Regards

On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 6:26 PM, Martell Malone <martellmalone at>

> Hi again,
> I just realized that wine does not have a winapifamily header.
> So I added one in a new patch for this.
> By default wine will want all api's so I have it set to DESKTOP + APP api's
> Technically all app api's are desktop api's anyway so this is the default.
> This leaves room for adding WinRT app support in the future if needed.
> If not needed then the header is still valid and would help have more
> accurate idl's
> The project in mind for this is mingw-w64 which has WinRT support.
> This project shares its dx11 idl's with wine so we would very much like
> this to be accepted :)
> Kind Regards
> Martell
> On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 5:47 PM, Martell Malone <martellmalone at>
> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I create 2 patches that I posted to win-patches.
>> [1/2] Directx 11.2 idl's dxgi1_3.idl
>> and
>> [2/2] Directx 11.2 idl's d3d11_2.idl
>> I can update the commit msg to "wind3d: Added x idl"
>> As Bruno explained to me this is the structure.
>> Other than that however does anyone have any feedback ?
>> Kind Regards
>> Martell
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