crossover programs missing from source code

Theodore Dubois tblodt at
Sun Jul 5 19:45:00 CDT 2015

I’ve got a few guesses:

cxdummy: Placeholder for programs that some windows programs expect to exist, but do not actually exist. Does nothing whatsoever. ctfmon, ddhelp, findfast, imjpmig, maildoff, mdm, mosearch, progman, pstores, and qttask are actually symlinks to this. So cross them off the list.

sendwndcmd, according the the documentation it outputs when you call it with --help, send specified messages to specified windows. You can run it in a mode where the commands to send messages come in through a pipe, presumably so you don’t have to run it over and over again.

netscape is for old programs that think Netscape is the only browser in the world, and will try to invoke it instead of looking up the default browser. It invokes winebrowser. (I think. I haven’t tried it.)

That leaves:


What do those do?


PS: My crossover demo is expired, so I can’t really try any of them out and see what they do.

On Jul 5, 2015, at 2:02 PM, Vincent Povirk <madewokherd at> wrote:

>> I'm not really interested in the source code, I just want to know what the
>> programs do.
> Well, OK, off the top of my head:
> cxcplinfo - Gets the list of installed control panel applets.
> cxinstallfonts - Installs fonts.
> cxmanip - Used by the GUI frontend to access the registry and
> filesystem, and edit drive mappings.
> cxmklnk - Creates .lnk shortcuts.
> cxnative - Invokes native (unix) commands from within the Wine environment.
> cxwget - Downloads files while showing a GUI progress bar.
> reboot - Simulates a reboot; I'm not clear on the difference between
> this and wineboot.
> winewrapper - Half of the implementation of CrossOver's "wine" binary,
> which does a lot of fancy stuff (the other half is perl code).

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