Wine developer frustration (was Re: ntdll: Improve stub of NtQueryEaFile.)

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Jun 17 10:58:10 CDT 2015

> Jeremy or Jon please correct me where I'm wrong.


> CodeWeavers isn't even close to being evil, their actually just the
> opposite of evil in so many ways.

Too tempting to make a joke here... <evil grin>

> Lets see :
> WineHQ :
> They have been the primary sponsor of every WineConf after the first
> conference.

Not quite accurate.  We have funded a few of the ones held in Minnesota,
and CodeWeavers has historically sponsored the Saturday dinner (except
for Stuttgart, when Michael bought <grin>).

But the Wine fund is in good shape and can pay it's own way now, so Wine
itself has paid for the last few.

> They setup the 501c none profit and setup everything at the Software
> Freedom Conservancy so Wine is protected with their legal counsel.

Just to clarify - I, as a private citizen, set up the mechanisms to
collect money from winehq (fun fact: for a while, it went to my private
bank account <grin>), and Alexandre and I, as private citizens, were the
ones that transferred those funds to Conservancy, and asked Conservancy
to provide a holding organization for Wine.

And more recently, Austin, Marcus and Michael Stefaniuc have agreed to
help monitor and disburse funds.

And to be even more clear, the credit for the bulk of that hard work
goes to the Conservancy, and to Bradley Kuhn in particular.

CodeWeavers had nothing to do with it, although I recognize that
subtlety is hard to appreciate.



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