gdi32/tests: Japanese Win 7 uses MS Shell Dlg as its default GUI font.

Akihiro Sagawa sagawa.aki at
Mon Jun 22 05:53:27 CDT 2015

On Sun, 21 Jun 2015 16:57:00 +0200 (CEST), Francois Gouget wrote:
> The TestBot's VM is an English Windows 7 Ultimate install that was 
> configured for Japanese. As far as I can tell all the settings have been set to 
> Japanese. Maybe GetSystemDefaultUILanguage() returns English because 
> that's the default language you get during installation.

Thanks explanation. Indeed, GetSystemDefaultUILanguage() returns
install language[1]. So, what about Welcome screen's display language?
Because, some settings, like `MS Shell Dlg', follows the machine default
UI language[2]. I think the machine default UI language equals Welcome
screen's display language.


Akihiro Sagawa

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