My Ideas for GSoC 2015

Zhenbo Li litimetal at
Thu Mar 12 10:29:29 CDT 2015

2015-03-01 1:26 GMT+08:00 Zhenbo Li <litimetal at>:
> 1. IDropTargetHelper
> ==================
> This interface is to display images [1]. I'm sure that it is necessary for
> VPT[2], and I guess implementing this interface will contribute to programs
> like 7zip.
> Although IDropTargetHelper is a useful interface, I haven't found a proper
> demo(most demos depend on MFC). So I'm writing a simple demo for this
> interface[3], with no MFC or .NET code.

My Demo for it is almost finished[b1].
It works fine in Win8, but crashed in Wine.

So you think implementing IDropTargetHelper is a good idea for Wine GSoC?

Thank you very much!


Have a nice day!
Zhenbo Li

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