Regarding GSOC 2015 : Winetest Graphical User Interface

Sushant makode makode.sushant at
Tue Mar 24 15:32:48 CDT 2015


I am a graduate student at IIIT Hyderabad India and I am interested in this
project idea. ( Winetest Graphical User Interface )

I have been reading the documentation.My understanding is to add a form to
existing winetest.exe which will have a table
with available tests, results.
These results will be read from the data which is read by the web interface
possibly on the fly.

I think we can run specific tests as follows
cd dlls/advapi32/tests
make test
make services.ok

Then after executing the test cases, an option to rerun the test can also
be provided alongside the result of the test case.
A consolidated result would be put on the same form in winetest.

​I am working on my GSOC proposal ​meanwhile It would be helpful if someone
can you give some documentation regarding the winetest.exe and how to make
changes to it.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks And Regards,
M. Tech. CSE
IIIT Hyderabad
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