[PATCH] advapi32: succeed for null pointer in ChangeServiceConfig2

Bernhard Übelacker bernhardu at vr-web.de
Wed Mar 25 11:08:08 CDT 2015

Hello Nikolay,

Am 24.03.2015 um 16:22 schrieb Nikolay Sivov:
> Yes, this looks much better. Now to make it shorter please combine this
> tests with a fix into a single patch - this way you won't need exception
> handling noise.

This current testbot run does at least succeed on (my local) wine and 
windows for both issues, the null description and the invalid handle.

But I somehow I doubt that wine wants to handle all access violations as 
invalid handle? (At least OpenService crashes also on an invalid handle, 
so probably other functions will do too.)

Also, as you said, validation could just be done on server side, I 
assume that would require far more work?

So should that invalid handle part wait until a real application relies 
on this?


Kind regards,

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