[PATCH 2/5] ddraw: check if surface is a mipmap sublevel through caps in ddraw_surface7_GetPriority

Riccardo Bortolato rikyz619 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 12:46:22 CST 2015

Regarding ddraw4: current code isn't checking for mipmap sublevels, so
the test doesn't apply there? I guess eventually it would be for a
later patch.


2015-11-04 13:29 GMT+01:00 Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmail.com>:
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> Am 2015-11-03 um 12:58 schrieb Stefan Dösinger:
>> This will show different behavior on level 0 Y, Z and negative X
>> cube map surfaces. (Positive X is the actual ddraw root surface).
>> However, I vagely remember that native ddraw also misbehaved here,
>> so the new behior is probably correct. I'll check with my
>> SetColorKey tests and report back.
> The behavior of your new code is correct, it matches that of windows.
> You can set color keys (and presumably palettes, etc) on cube map
> faces that aren't the root surface and aren't sublevels.
> Feel free to use the attached test. It needs to be ported to ddraw4.c
> and needs capability checks before creating a cube texture.
> Cheers,
> Stefan
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> zEJChDCO6B+1Era2QEFULCx/CSzLwdsujyxPeceT3gEpKCgQQBJ7mNE9/inwcwQf
> uDdzoaTAfCoNHmzgtzmyF7Sy2yVKBSNPpw41z9ETfcqg736L+x0/vKMDSWuituL3
> RxCWVG9CPOe4esrV/ECdLzQB1dllFRrr45KZ7L93SOs6YpFNrZ3bDczEMtNjvoqV
> yr4HWBYOuwlGrvHbqI7W3Nvg/6AGThZJkPsM0cRHN8uB2eK0GU7mNhjpzaQ+2FED
> e3bBc/HCFq32xo901ABxPKOzGCrqLYs5rN0S3bI4ysirXjoi6cdQ5MQS17OjpqKu
> WvYFcYFVWxzUf3gEeIM1kN8QmEreAbueQCKSj9zJBbrdSfMgO01bxJqK1coI+k0F
> k2dlYhN7iLE36w1m0cEzVzNWsqJoBJI0F/I3kwHFSXIc60jgUbDAEi9b1Hd8WP8D
> MlZfSZKBCoQN7ZCHBE+uS1ssa/DsgD85HB5/0YkM9lM9+IXpD6Iyt4SuDCcM+RfH
> iFrWyfuYtUvY07LPE1wX
> =yh7m

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