Wine devel packages ready for testing

Michael Müller michael at
Sun Nov 29 16:25:18 CST 2015

We added Fedora 23 yesterday and uploaded all builds for 1.8-rc2. The
instructions for Fedora 23 are basically the same as for Fedora 22, just
replace the version number in the url:

dnf config-manager --add-repo
dnf apt-get install winehq-devel

Am 27.11.2015 um 20:19 schrieb Aaryaman Vasishta:
> How long until the cross compiled OSX packages arrive? Could you put up
> the scripts on GitHub or does it have to be fully working before you do so?

All scripts can be found in the following two repositories:

We are planning to wait until the Mac OS X builds for wine-devel work,
before we add the scripts. Our current solution is to cross compile Wine
on Debian as host distribution and this requires a lot of additional
tools plus dependencies. Currently most of the tools and dependencies we
use for Wine Staging are precompiled binaries that were manually
compiled some time ago. This is not really a good solution as it
somewhat obfuscates the build process. We would like to find a better
solution for this. When we are done, we will add everything necessary
(excluding the OS X 10.8 SDK), but it might be a bit difficult to setup,
especially if you don't want to use a VM for building.

Am 29.11.2015 um 16:05 schrieb Rosanne DiMesio:
> Any chance of adding RHEL/CentOS/Scientific Linux packages that will
actually work (WoW64)? Red Hat has already refused.

We might want to consider this at a later point, but from my experience
with CentOS 6 and Wine Staging, you don't gain much by supporting
CentOS. The main repositories didn't provide all dependencies for Wine
(for example OpenAL) and the packages were often outdated and caused
crashes which were not reproducible on other distros. Many of these
problems were most probably solved in CentOS 7, but I think we should
prioritize our efforts. More people can benefit from OS X builds than
CentOS at the moment, so I think we should fix them first.

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