README: add a note about 64-bit Wine needing 32-bit Wine to work

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Nov 29 23:40:51 CST 2015

Sebastian Lackner <sebastian at> wrote:

> >> programs/winemenubuilder/winemenubuilder.c:
> >>   fprintf(file, "Exec=env WINEPREFIX=\"%s\" wine %s %s\n",
> >>
> >> tools/
> >>   exec wine "$appname" "$@"
> > 
> > That's just a symlink to the launcher, and probably it should depend on
> > actual build.
> > 
> >> Not sure if there is a way to express it a bit better, but I think in general it
> >> probably wouldn't hurt to have this documented somewhere in the source tree.
> > 
> > Sure.
> > 
> Actually, when I think a bit more about it, instead of adding more documentation,
> we probably just want to fix those few remaining symlink / wrapper script
> problems. Of course it will still confuse unexperienced users who want to run
> their 32-bit apps, but at least experienced users could use it as an (almost)
> fully functional standalone Wine version then - of course at their own risk. ;)

I'd argue that users should be strongly advised to use pre-built wine packages
because building a package requires a lot of intimate knowledge. All these mixed
WoW setups, "soft" dependencies (which are actually "hard" for production builds),
multiarch nuances, and some other things that experianced packagers are aware about
may easily cause endless headaches for a user. For instance using mixed WoW64 setup
may actually break more things than fix, bugzilla has numerous bug reports about
that. That's what actually needs to be added to the readme imho.


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