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Austin English austinenglish at
Fri Oct 23 11:02:26 CDT 2015

On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 1:23 AM, Nikolay Sivov <bunglehead at> wrote:
> On 23.10.2015 3:15, Michael Müller wrote:
>> Dear Wine developers,
>> a lot of changes regarding the integration of Wine Staging have already
>> been realized, but there are also some tasks left. In this email I would
>> like to talk about the ways on how to submit patches that should be
>> integrated into the staging tree. So far most patch submissions were
>> done through our Wine Staging bug tracker, but now we would like to move
>> the patch submission to WineHQ.
>> We had the choice between using a mailing list or using the upstream bug
>> tracker. For the usual development progress a mailing list is perfectly
>> fine, however patches submitted to Wine Staging are usually either
>> complex, or need more work. Often multiple revisions are required, and
>> we think that its much easier to keep track of the progress of a
>> patchset, when all information is collected in one place. Also, it is
>> much easier to use the existing bug tracker than writing tools for a
>> separate staging patch overview page. ;-)
>> * How does it work?
>> We want to add a new component "patches" into the Staging product in the
>> WineHQ bug tracker. If you want so submit a patch, you can then create a
>> new bug report and add your patch as attachment. In case of a patch
>> series, you can either put them into a tar archive, or add several
>> attachments. You can sign-off your patch if you want to indicate that it
>> would be ready for integration into the development branch, and just
>> needs some more testing. Other developers are of course invited to give
>> feedback on those patches, too. If the patch gets accepted, the status
>> changes to FIXED. If the patch fixes a bug and there is no open bug
>> report for this problem yet, we might also change the status to STAGED
>> and move it to the appropriate upstream category.
> I don't like that. We have bugzilla for tracking bug reports and mailing
> lists for discussions and patch submissions. This already works. Just use
> wine-patches or wine-devel (if patch is not ready for some reason), then you
> can pick from a list directly in a usual way. I don't see why you need
> separate patch page or additional tools. If it's not a feature specific to
> your repo why not submit it to wine directly and introduce this delay from
> having it staging for no reason for indefinite period of time? And whether
> it's ready for Wine should be a maintainer or collective decision (as it is
> now), with usual discussion on a list. If it needs more work say it on a
> list that everybody interested are already reading, multiple iterations are
> not a problem either, we have that all the time.

Arguably, if it was already working, there wouldn't have been a need
for wine-staging :). I can certainly see the advantage to using
bugzilla, namely that all discussion is in one place, no matter how
many months go by, or iterations/threads there are to keep track of.


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