wined3d: Add Nvidia GT 9700M

Kim Malmo berencamlost at
Mon Apr 18 12:02:58 CDT 2016

Thanks Caron, that's exactly the kind of feedback I wanted.

I now feel really stupid. The spacing and line breaks comes from copy/pasting the patch into an email, as I couldn't get git-send-email to work. Apparently, it has it's own package in Ubuntu.
That's causing the linebreaks. The spacing I cannot explain, but ofcourse both come out clean when using git-send-email. Thanks for that. That's still no excuse for sending a patch with bad formatting though.
Now I just have to figure out how to properly use git-send-email so I can add the comments I want. I'm new to git.

Do I need to sign off my own patches? Just curious how it works, I had imagined one of the proper developers had to sign it off.


Actually, you sent it to the right place. There are some things you should have a look at that my eyes are drawn to.

First, when reviewed here, the patch has odd line breaks and spacing:

It's also missing your signed-off-by line. You can read about how to add that here:

Your patch should come through clean and match the surrounding style. I had a patch accepted adding the same number of lines in the same general places, pay close attention to how the two differ in appearance:

I'm looking at those patches simply by going to this page to make sure everything "looks" okay:

Note the red "X" indicating the missing sign-off next to your patch.

You would do yourself many favors by using git send-email to send patches or in the very least, take a moment to create a patch and check it over once, twice, three times, before sending. I commit to my local tree and then I do:

git format-patch origin

and compare what's going on and then I make sure Wine still builds after my changes. I catch a lot of mistakes that way (like missing a comma...).

Thank you for sending a patch and following up on it. Others might have more feedback for you.


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