wined3d: Add Nvidia GT 9700M

Caron Wills caron at
Mon Apr 18 12:40:39 CDT 2016

No problem, the learning curve is a little steep when you first start out. I'm still learning, see what I did:
(scroll to the bottom, it's pretty nasty looking. The beginning of the patch was okay but the extra noise made the patch less than ideal. For what it's worth, my email client ate the patch, hence the friendly reminder that I should be using git send-email)

Unless you are only sending your patch to get comments on what you're still working on (those should go to wine-devel), you should always sign-off on your own work. This means that you have reviewed it and believe it ready for The Wine Project. Basically, it means you are willing to work on this should you cause a regression. As already mentioned, adding "-s" will put the sign-off in place.

Then, once your patch passes the automatic tests, the expert in the area will be assigned to review it (in this case, Henri Verbeet). Pay careful attention to their review and address all of the concerns they express over your patch. Provide a response or example where necessary to show your patch is correct OR correct the patch based on their feedback.

When the reviewer believes it ready, they sign-off, like this:

That means everything checks out and the reviewer also believes it ready. This makes Alexandre's role as the maintainer easier. He will have final say on whether the patch goes in. Be careful with your Julliard Rank:

Good Luck!

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Thanks Caron, that's exactly the kind of feedback I wanted.

I now feel really stupid. The spacing and line breaks comes from copy/pasting the patch into an email, as I couldn't get git-send-email to work. Apparently, it has it's own package in Ubuntu.
That's causing the linebreaks. The spacing I cannot explain, but ofcourse both come out clean when using git-send-email. Thanks for that. That's still no excuse for sending a patch with bad formatting though.
Now I just have to figure out how to properly use git-send-email so I can add the comments I want. I'm new to git.

Do I need to sign off my own patches? Just curious how it works, I had imagined one of the proper developers had to sign it off.

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