Windows 2000 VM timing out

Hugh McMaster hugh.mcmaster at
Tue Apr 26 07:37:35 CDT 2016

On Tuesday, 26 April 2016 1:07 AM, Sebastian Lackner wrote:

> As Nikolay already pointed out, this change was intentional. At last WineConf
> there was the decision that we do no longer care about Win2k test results, so
> I removed the dynamic loading code in the commit above.
> @Hugh: Is there a specific reason why you want to run those tests on Win2k?
> I don't think adding back the dynamic loading makes sense, unless you can
> convince the rest of the Wine developers to continue Win2k support and to run
> each commit on the corresponding testbot. ;)

If we no longer support tests on Win2k, then your changes make perfect sense.

I usually prefer to run console tests on all of the testbot VMs, in order to
verify the behaviour of older/undocumented functions. But that doesn't
really matter. XP is old enough.

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