[PATCH 2/9] winemac.drv: EnumDisplayDevices placeholder implementation

Ken Thomases ken at codeweavers.com
Tue Apr 25 01:18:16 CDT 2017

On Apr 25, 2017, at 12:58 AM, Donat Enikeev <donat at enikeev.net> wrote:
>> This doesn't build:
> Thanks, will have a deeper look. Though since I don't have mac (even VM), it was aimed to bring just backward compatibility with the migration, while actual devices/displays enumeration, flags, etc -- are kept for someone having experience with Cocoa, with an ability to check results live on multi-display setup. 

Then just leave the Mac driver patch out of the series.  The null driver in user32 should probably contain the old implementation to prevent regressions for drivers which don't implement the entry point.  If your patches are accepted, I'll implement it for the Mac driver.

>> It may be somewhat clunky, but has the advantage that it ensures all three functions return mutually consistent results. Since you appear to have dropped my patches which caused GetMonitorInfoW() to return unique names for the displays, they are no longer consistent. 
> I am probably missing something, but they supposed to be consistent (at least for winex11.drv) 

Right, but it doesn't work that way in the Mac driver.  See my original patch <https://github.com/wine-compholio/wine-staging/blob/master/patches/gdi32-MultiMonitor/0004-winemac-Make-GetMonitorInfo-give-a-different-device-.patch>.

>> because Alexandre wanted the tracking and management of displays and display modes centralized in the explorer process[1]. 
> Not sure what was meant exactly here, but the patch making things work with certain respect to surrounding approach - looks to me as a small but good first step. 

That's what I thought about my original patches.  We'll have to see if Alexandre agrees. :)

>> I have my reservations about that approach, mind you. ;)
> Could you please clarify this point, do you mean you are going to work all that out in the nearest future? 

No.  I meant I have doubts that Alexandre's preferred approach will be feasible on the Mac.  I was referring to my replies to Alexandre's email that I linked to:


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