[PATCH v2] riched20: Check for NULL in ME_InsertTextFromCursor and add test

Fabian Maurer dark.shadow4 at web.de
Mon Jan 9 11:16:16 CST 2017

On Monday, January 9, 2017 1:17:43 PM CET Huw Davies wrote:
> Actually, I'd prefer the NULL ptr check in fnTextSrv_TxSetText(), where
> it was in your first version.  However, the extended test is much better.

Thanks for the feedback, I re-sent the original patch with the extended tests.

I also added a patch to move calculation of the length out of 
ME_InsertTextFromCursor since I find the code flow easier to follow that way.
Now all checks are done before calling the function, and len always means 
Not sure what you think about that idea though, so feel free to reject that.


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