Performance Testing Wine-1.2-rc4 vs Wine-1.8

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Tue Jan 17 16:55:24 CST 2017


After more than a year of break I ran my Wine benchmarking scripts again
on one of my two test machines: The iMac5.1 box with a Radeon X1600 GPU.

You can see the results and the comparison to the last regular run here:,1512236-GA-WINE1860G98

The one game that jumps out is Trackmania Nations. It apparently
regressed from approx. 32 fps to 24. I will run a bisect in the next
days to pinpoint the patch that caused this. The game itself wasn't updated.

Other than TMNations there is nothing too surprising. 3DMark2000 and
2001 are slightly slower, Half Life 2 (which surprisingly didn't seem to
be changed by Valve since December 2015) is slightly faster. Unigine
Heaven, UT2004 and World in Conflict are unchanged.

As you can see in the results I updated the kernel, Mesa and Wine
separately to see where changes come from (stable interfaces ftw!). The
oldkernel_oldmesa_oldwine result differs from the 2015 one in the
general update of the system (KDE Desktop, X server, DDX driver, etc).

Unfortunately this old machine is the less interesting one of my two
test boxes. I still don't have a monitor for my Radeon HD 5700 Desktop.
I ordered one a while ago and it should arrive soon. If I have time I'll
try to run the tests next week.


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