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Sat Aug 25 06:24:26 CDT 2018

Hello Emanuele,

please don't send your mail to completely unrelated mailing lists. If anything, that 
increases the chance your mail is ignored. I get that your problem is urgent, but annoying 
people is not a good approach.

> 2) Following the program FAQ in the Unistall section (4.1 and 4.4) at the
> link: https://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ
> I inserted those codes on the terminal of my Mac and in this mode it has
> been removed all the files on the Mac! It's a nice mess because I lost all
> my documents! All the application data and all user files on the Mac have
> been erased. The Mac is also unable to shut down. Can they be recovered
> with inverse codes?

Deleting wine files should never mess with your Mac itself. What exactly did you run? The 
wrong commands can ruin your system.
If files are really deleted, your chances are grim. You might try file recovery (there's 
companies specializing on that), but that's not really a matter of wine development, is it?

Fabian Maurer

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